dirt4 jpg 773x380 - Xbox One Weekly New Digital Releases Round Up - 6th to 9th June 2017

Xbox One Weekly New Digital Releases Round Up – 6th to 9th June 2017

Calling all Xbox users…

We have a very exciting week before us as from tomorrow onwards, we will be able to see some new digital releases in the Xbox Store being made live over the next three days! With 11 items being added (some new games, some DLC) Xbox are giving a great deal of gameplay for us to get stuck into and enjoy. Here is the list of the releases for this week!

dirt4 jpg - Xbox One Weekly New Digital Releases Round Up - 6th to 9th June 2017

Tomorrow has 4 games set to be released which are: The Elder Scrolls Morrorwind, The Town of Light and Neighborhorde. This is a nice all-round release day with an expansion pack, a psychological horror and a fun shooting game which is more suitable for families with children over 10, meaning that no matter what type of game you like, you will most likely enjoy of these games one or all of these games.  Neighborhorde seems like it may be the most popular of the releases for the 6th June as it is a brand new releases (unlike The Elder Scrolls Morrorwind which is an expansion) and have more of a general target audience. The Town of Light has great beta reviews and looks to be a great psychological game, but it will only appeal to those who love the thrilling and horror aspects if gameplay.

superbeat - Xbox One Weekly New Digital Releases Round Up - 6th to 9th June 2017

Perception, Superbeat: Xonic, Zazen and Refunct are next up! Much like the releases of the 6th June, this is a great variation of different game types. Perception will be the second horror game to be released in the week, however unlike The Town of Light which is inspired by real events, Perception is a first-person narrative in a complete fictional story.

Now, for all those Guitar Hero lovers, Superbeat: Xonic is the game for you! The brand-new release coming on the 7th June allows you to be in control of the music and lets you groove out to an amazing quantity of songs – there is no way you’ll get bored any time soon it looks like! However, if you prefer something a little more simplistic or like old school games, then Refunct may be a better option. It is a non-violent platform game that completely adjusts to your gameplay! Another plus is the graphics: we have been lucky enough to catch an early glimpse and the graphics seem incredibly smooth. The last release of the day is Zazen – the new release for the Kinect. Despite the release not being a game like the other three, Zazen is a great way to help you in your everyday life as it helps you to relax your mind, probably a great wind down after work or after playing Perception 😉

jumpstars - Xbox One Weekly New Digital Releases Round Up - 6th to 9th June 2017

With four new titles, the 9th of June is the last of the release days for this week. Dirt 4 puts you at the wheel of the most iconic rally vehicles ever made as you face the toughest roads on the planet in Rally, Rallycross & Landrush, challenging you to be fearless. Kholat is an adventure game with a horror twist and the graphics do look insanely good. Also based on real events, this game will get you hooked in within a matter of seconds!  The second game is a great family friendly game. Being multiplayer, everyone can enjoy Jump Stars, it is brilliant to get those friendly competitions underway! Not only is there a base game to play, it includes 10 mini games as well, so one for a weekend family party maybe?

The last of the releases is A Hole New World, an arcade style game being brought to the Xbox which is suitable for families. So if you enjoy 8 bit generation games, and want to be the next potion master, then this is the game for you!

See you next week for the weekly round up!

Photo Credit: Xbox Wire

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