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World of Warcraft Race to ‘World First’ for Uldir Mythic Continues…

For those who don’t know or have not been following, right now a heated race is underway to claim the ‘World’s First’ title for Uldir, the first raid of World of Warcraft’s Latest expansion Battle for Azeroth which has finally come to an intense finale with 3 of the best raiding teams in the world battling out for the top spot and to be crowned Number 1.

The race started for those on US realms on Tuesday 11th of September and Wednesday 12th of September for those of us in Europe with ground gained quickly in the first day, which saw 4 of the raid bosses downed in the first day. Then suddenly a road block accruing on the 5th boss which held raid teams at bay for nearly 2 days but finally being killed after World of Warcraft dev’s added some tuning to the boss. Now the race is picking up again on the 6th boss going to Team Method just under 5 hours after killing the previous boss, followed after by Team Limit and Team Exorsus. The 7th boss again held up the raid teams, but it wouldn’t be too long before Team Limit took the lead to lead the race into the final boss to gain crucial practice time in before any other team could catch up. But not to far behind, Team Method started putting in the practice to get the last boss down to, again followed by Team Exorsus, So now here we are Monday morning for us in the UK, and 3 teams battling out for the Crown of Uldir which has been an exciting race to follow and watch, due to team Method for the first time ever live streaming their progress on Twitch which has been well received by the audience.

Who, you may ask, will win this race? Well we will all just have to wait and see because as of right now the 3 teams are giving it their are all to push to World First.

As an avid player and streamer of World of Warcraft myself, I have, along with the rest of the XP to Level team, been watching the entirety of Method’s Uldir live stream and have enjoyed every moment of it, along with Bexz’s cries to Method’s Sco to ‘go to sleep and get some rest!’. I wish all the teams well for this race and races of World First’s to come. But….COME ON METHOD, you can do it!

Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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