Twitch unity 773x380 - Twitch hosts TwitchUnity Event on the 26th May 2017

Twitch hosts TwitchUnity Event on the 26th May 2017

On the  May 26th, Twitch will be holding it’s “TwitchUnity” event, which will bring inclusivity and diversity right across Twitch. From its streams, chats, apps and all of it’s community as a whole, the event will encourage everyone to celebrate in unity through a variety of ways, including a new global emote for all to use.

So for those of you who want to get involved, Twitch encourages you to do just that, by streaming or uploading videos, talking to the community you have created and tell them what TwitchUnity means to you. Best of all, they want you to do it your way: ask your viewers questions, invite friends on, share stories, tears and laughs and make your TwitchUnity day a celebration of one of  Twitch’s main principles – a platform to give creators reign to create channels that are safe spaces for diversity and unity.

Are you getting involved? We will be! Why not share your Twitch profiles with us and we’ll give them a shout out on our Twitter account!

Twitch unity - Twitch hosts TwitchUnity Event on the 26th May 2017

Photo credit: Twitch

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