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The Sims Mobile – The New Sims App for iOS & Android

When I first heard about The Sims Mobile, my first reaction was “Ah, Finally!” The Sims FreePlay was a huge success initially for EA. Being the only free version of the game on IOS and Android, the game was a big hit for Sims lovers, however it didn’t quite live up to the original The Sims series. But at long last, EA have listened to the Simdom and along comes The Sims Mobile.

the sims mobile coming soon 1 - The Sims Mobile - The New Sims App for iOS & Android

After watching the trailer for The Sims Mobile, I am very much looking forward to the release of EA’s new game. The feature that really draws my attention is, of course, the very much needed update of the graphics. As an avid player of both The Sims FreePlay and The Sims Series for Windows/Mac, the graphics have been something that has always made me compare the two games as opposed to just enjoy them. As the Sims became more realistic and more adaptable from the evolution of The Sims 3 into The Sims 4, The Sims FreePlay didn’t see the same graphic update which – in my opinion – was becoming quite necessary.  The new Sims Mobile app fixing this issue brings much happiness to myself and, I am sure, a lot of you Sims Fans out there.

create sim mobile 1 300x140 - The Sims Mobile - The New Sims App for iOS & Android

Watching the trailer, it also seems to promise more interactions with your sims instead of the same ‘go to work, work on hobby, fill needs, go to sleep’ routine which pretty much filled the gameplay of The Sims FreePlay. After reading reviews from people who have played the early releases of the new app, I am also very excited that EA are keeping the quests and objectives that we have already seen and have already got used to with The Sims Freeplay. As a person who enjoys real time gameplay, to find out that actions cannot be sped up unless you use SimCash (currency that can be bought with money) pleases me a lot. This element of the game seems to create a link between The Sims on Windows/Mac and The Sims Freeplay as you have the time based element of the pre-exisiting mobile game, but being able to interact more with your sims like The Sims 4.

Families and houses are drawing a lot of attention with the new app: there seems to be more choice when it comes to decorating your house, but there is a limitation when it comes to gameplay. The Sims Mobile, from what I have read from beta testers, only allows you to control one household, with a maximum of 4 people. This is completely different from what us Simmers are used to, as with The Sims 4 we can create as many 8 person households as we like, as well as playing as the pre-made sims, and with The Sims Freeplay we can create multiple households with 4 sims living in it (unless you have a high VIP status, giving you 6 per house). Personally, this feature will not bother me much as I only focus on one family at a time in The Sims 4, and I only really play with one household in The Sims Freeplay – the rest of my families simply go to work to get Simoleons.

family legacy sim mobile 300x145 - The Sims Mobile - The New Sims App for iOS & Android

As The Sims 4 gets bigger with various content packs, I can only but hope that EA will introduce some sort of content upgrades to the new mobile game. I feel like this will help it to stay current and will keep Simmers coming back for more, like we always do with the expansion packs. I also would love to see interactions that perhaps do not exist in the current The Sims 4 series or The Sims FreePlay, just to add that little bit of individuality to the app.

I think it is quite clear to see that I am very excited about this new announcement, and I am confident that I am not alone. Without trying to compare it too much to the pre-existing Sims games, I am looking forward to testing the app as its own stand alone game and to be able to enjoy The Sims ‘on the go’. But, until I discover any more exciting information to share with you, here is the all-important trailer of the new ‘The Sims Mobile.’

Photos & Video credit: EA (Electronic Arts)
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