QW2SS0PHT1RX1507667843310 773x380 - The Great Gnomeregan Run - Raising funds for the Tuohy Vaccine for Breast Cancer

The Great Gnomeregan Run – Raising funds for the Tuohy Vaccine for Breast Cancer

Each year thousands of pink haired, level 1 gnomes run from Tinkertown near Gnomeregan to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale in the World of Warcraft. You can hear their little feet running for their lives as they race through all the zones, trying not to get killed by various monsters (they are only baby level 1’s after all!) to get to the finish line…. but why?

Originally set up and based on the Scarlet Crusade (US) server by Magical Warlock Girl, the amazing amass of pink fueled gnomes has caught the attention of Blizzard Entertainment. Now in it’s 8th year, the Blizz Gods have uttered the immortal words and told the WoW Devs to ‘make it so’. This year on 14th October 2017, The Great Gnomeregan Run became an official event, with a quest, checkpoint gates and a celebration at the end.

Last year’s marathon raised $5,500 for the Cleveland Clinic and the creators of the Tuohy Vaccine that is currently in the early stages of human clinical trials. If the drug is successful, it could be the end of breast cancer.  This year’s donation is set to be greater seeing as it is now an official event and has the Blizz stamp of approval, so far the total amount is already at over $16,000 and donations are still coming in.

QW2SS0PHT1RX1507667843310 800x450 - The Great Gnomeregan Run - Raising funds for the Tuohy Vaccine for Breast Cancer

As you can only have 12 character slots per server, higher level characters were encouraged to NOT delete a character so they could roll a level 1 gnome but instead to give up their evening and escort the ‘little ones’ on their journey and keep them safe as they race for charity.

We are very pleased to announce that our own guild took part and we all created our level 1 pink haired gnomes, luckily one of our guild officers already had a level 110 pink haired gnome mage so he came along as our escort. The event was great fun and also very emotional as many of us in the guild have had family members who have died of cancer. We have also submitted our donation to this worthy cause.

Well done to everyone who took part, you are all tiny pink stars!

Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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