lava scene 773x380 - The Full Game Release of Creativerse - Creativerse Now Out Of Early Access Mode - YES!

The Full Game Release of Creativerse – Creativerse Now Out Of Early Access Mode – YES!

On the 8th of May, Creativerse (a sandbox game) was released on Steam as a fully fledged, all grown up now, ‘in your face Minecraft‘ game…. (Oh how we have waited patiently, well not really patiently, we have been stalking the devs for the game for 3 years now!) However, as some of you might already know, this isn’t the first time we have seen Creativerse. For nearly 3 years, Creativerse has been playable on Steam to everyone in its early access mode. With almost 36 months of content releases, you can imagine how much the game has evolved from its very early stages. So Creatifriends, let us take a trip down memory lane and compare the new game with the older versions of Creativerse.

creativerseLogo - The Full Game Release of Creativerse - Creativerse Now Out Of Early Access Mode - YES!


When you think of sandbox games, most of us automatically think of the blocky, pixelated game known as Minecraft, and with this becoming such a massive game, Creativerse had a lot of competition. Saying this, Playful Corp – the creators of Creativerse (see what I did there 😉) – have done an amazing job of separating the two games by giving us a sandbox game with very different graphics. It doesn’t end there either: Creatifriends have also seen updates to the graphics, especially with the change in your personal avatar, which means that we can see great updates to game that, in my humble and rather excitable opinion, is already one big improvement.

lava scene 1024x711 - The Full Game Release of Creativerse - Creativerse Now Out Of Early Access Mode - YES!


Now, the overall gameplay objective hasn’t changed too much: you enter a world with nothing and it is up to you how you gather your resources and survive in a brand-new world. But just because the objective hasn’t changed, this doesn’t mean that we haven’t been given additions to the game to make Creativerse that little more exciting! Electricity is a big thing to be included into the base game. We have also seen many new recipes being added meaning that we have even more freedom to build and create exactly what we want. We now also have the opportunity to build and enjoy adventures with other players and join other people’s world worldwide, so we can enjoy and share the fun with so many more people.


We have grown to love Pigsies and Leafies very much in Creativerse, however we have seen many more creatures added into Creativerse as time has gone by. Creativerse Release 6 saw the addition of the Keepa (you know, the annoying one which always runs away from you when you try to kill it). And then Creativerse World 2 was released – and what a big update that was for mobs. Pebbles, Dustevils, Bosshogs as well as new variants of our Pigsies and Leafies. I think it is safe to say, that we aren’t going to get bored anytime soon of seeing the same old 3 or 4 types of creatures that we interact with day in and day out.

pigsy standing 300x230 - The Full Game Release of Creativerse - Creativerse Now Out Of Early Access Mode - YES!

Introduction of Creativerse Pro

Although Creativerse is a free to play game, I cannot express how a game with such a high quality of gameplay to exist without any funding whatsoever (go and donate people, the devs need food, or beer, or something…). Creativerse Pro is an optional in-game purchase which gives upgrades to basic gameplay, such as backpack/inventory capacity and flight instead of walking. The thing that appeals for me is that it is a one-off purchase as well. For just £20, you do get a sense of things being that little bit easier for you, but not too easy that the game becomes boring.

Overall Opinion

Of course, I have not included everything that has been added – some things are just better to be experienced then explained, but as a girl who has played both Minecraft and Creativerse, I feel that Creativerse has much more to offer as a base game. I have loved playing Creativerse since it has been released in the early access mode and the excitement and anticipation of new updates will not being disappearing any time soon.


Long live Creativerse in all your blocky glory!

Photo Credit: Creativerse & Playful Corp

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