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The Blizzcon Pre-Launch Virtual Ticket Show

The BlizzCon Pre-Launch kicked off at 11pm (here in the UK) on 12th September, not only starting the 7 week countdown to BlizzCon 3rd-4th November, but also bringing some very exciting launches of its own.

Yes, you heard me right. It is now only 7 weeks until the geekfest of a weekend that is BlizzCon, where major announcements of Blizzard games will be released, cosplay competitions will be judged and, of course, The finals for all of Blizzard’s games. An incredibly huge weekend for fans of BlizzCon worldwide, it is the perfect time for followers of Blizzard to come together and celebrate the games that we love and play today, whether you are there in person or watching from the virtual ticket…which brings us to the first announcement.

In the 45 minute pre-launch live stream (which aired on YouTube, Twitch and the app), it was announced (and then heavily emphasised) that this year will be the first where virtual ticket holders will now be able to interact with BlizzCon fully. Viewers at home will now be able to ask the panelists their questions live, access other material and vote for their favourite cosplay costumes.

Cosplay, itself is also having a little revamp! Brand new categories are being included, new titles will be awarded and the biggest change of all – there is no longer a limit to only 100 contestants. Blizzard opened their doors to anyone who wished to compete this year, meaning that there will be many more costumes for us to admire on the stage. During the weekend, there will also be another area for those who wish to cosplay, get noticed, but not necessarily compete – so it truly is a win-win for all.

It wouldn’t be a BlizzCon Pre-Launch without something being available to the fans now, right? For all those who purchased the virtual ticket – now available to buy – fans will be able to access the exclusive Sombra skin on Overwatch which is a crossover from Diablo. The new Sombra skin is a demon hunter skin, with Michael Chu (senior designer for lore and story) stating that is seemed like a great crossover due to storylines and looks.

Although 7 weeks does seem like a while to wait we know, we are certainly looking forward to the Blizzcon Weekend – there is plenty more to come between the now and then. Virtual ticket holders can already vote for particular panels to appear at Blizzcon with more talk shows to come. If that isn’t enough, why not re-live last year’s Blizzcon on the app now!

We’ve got our virtual tickets, have you got yours? November better hurry up is all we can say!

Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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