Tomb 773x380 - Reset 2 Reset: This Week in Azeroth - 21st June 2017

Reset 2 Reset: This Week in Azeroth – 21st June 2017

It’s Wednesday and in World of Warcraft and that means a new week. This week heralds the awesome news that Tomb of Sargeras is now open! As well as weekly resets for raids, new world bosses and new events.

With the Burning Legion on the back foot now is the time to strike with the opening of the Tomb of Sargeras today for us here in Europe, this new raid brings in challenge’s in the from of 9 new bosses from the Burning Legion to strike down. So grab your hero and lead the final push to banish the burning legion from Azeroth for good! For a preview of the raid and schedule click here.

Tomb - Reset 2 Reset: This Week in Azeroth - 21st June 2017

Also up this week is the bonus battleground event, which will award extra honour for random battlegrounds, so get ready to fight for glory and honour (get it?) this week.

It’s hot and sunny in real life, and also in Azeroth so that can only mean one thing – the Midsummer Fire Festival is back in town. So take a break from the Legion, the battlegrounds, the BBQ’s, the sun and enjoy some merriment to celebrate the hottest season of the year with the many activities and rewards this event has to offer such as seasonal boss: Ahune. A full list of events and rewards can be found here.

And finally this weeks world boss is… Levantus who drops ilevel 860 gear and can be found off the coast of Azsuna, so happy fishing!

Photo Credit: World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment

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