Killy J 773x380 - Reset 2 Reset: This Week in Azeroth - 14th June 2017

Reset 2 Reset: This Week in Azeroth – 14th June 2017

It’s Wednesday in The World of Warcraft, and that means a new week, Raids and dungeons reset and new events are added.

Big news in Azeroth this week as Patch 7.2.5 has landed which includes class updates (you can find them in the patch notes here), the death of Chromie scenario (Save Chromie!), Black Temple Time Walking (so we can all relive defeating Illidan and his cohorts) and best of all… patch 7.2.5 brings the Trial of Style mini event, so polish that armour or iron that robe and crack out your best or worst transmog to strut your stuff. The new raid Tomb of Sargeras will be opening in the following weeks and a raid scheduled is available here.

Killy J - Reset 2 Reset: This Week in Azeroth - 14th June 2017

Many other adventures await in Azeroth this week, the world quest event has ended, so you can now rest your feet from running around the Isles saving everyone and their saber cat, and just slow down and take a walk back in time to visit past dungeons from The Mists of Pandaria. Time walking dungeons are available to all players above level 91 and all bosses will drop loot appropriate to your level.

Get your axes sharpened because also up this week is a new PvP Brawl Packed House which is a 15 v 15 team death match, with a last team standing win condition, set over a variety of arena maps.

Photo credit: World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment.

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