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Disabilities Coming To The Sims?

Recently on Twitter, it was revealed by SimGuruGrant that a new, major Create A Sim update – disabilities – is something that the EA are “actively pondering” about.

As a simulation game, there is no surprise that EA have tried to incorporate many walks of life into The Sims series so many are able to create and play as their ‘Sims’ selves. As a result, EA always strive to find new ways in order to make the game as relatable as possible, whilst still feeling like a simulation game.

Disabilities have been something that The Sims fans have been asking about regularly for quite some time now. Initially being mentioned by SimGuruGrant as an opportunity back in June this year, it appears that EA have listened to their fans. On the 6th September, SimGuruGrant replied to a fan stating that EA are now “actively pondering” about the idea of “differently abled Sims” being added to the game.

This is very exciting stuff for many Sims fans out there, but how will disabled Sims affect the gameplay? Of course, there is no must-have or need to create and play a disabled Sim should you not want to, however for those who do, this CAS revelation could certainly revamp the gameplay, for all ages and genders alike.

The latest major CAS update saw EA introducing gender roles which can be switched and swapped around, meaning that you can fully customise your Sim, no matter your gender preference or sexual orientation. With the fan base ecstatic with this addition, this only supports the idea that EA may also release disabled Sims to cater for even more players.

However, should this be something EA pursue, there is no indication as to when this will be released…yet. SimGuruGrant asked for fans to give EA “a little time” as the introduction of disabilities is extremely important to them, and the fans alike. But fear not! From the way SimGuruGrant types, this will not be the last we hear from him, or at least about the work and thoughts behind disabilities coming to The Sims.

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