screen1 773x380 - AegisM – Upcoming Tower Defence Game - The Lowdown!

AegisM – Upcoming Tower Defence Game – The Lowdown!

AegisM, currently in Early Access Mode, was released on 27th July 2018 and created by Aurox Studios. A game combining a third-person shooter, tower defence, competitions and player vs player elements, the description alone gets us ready for a very promising game.

After loving tower defence games throughout my childhood, and still playing them even to this date, as soon as you hear someone ask you at Insomnia63 to test out their new tower defence game, you simply just have to. Within just a couple of minutes, I was truly hooked by the game, talking about it for the rest of the day. Of course, I now own the game myself on Steam and the game truly lives up to the description so far.

The test gameplay at Insomnia63 was true to the actual game on Steam, which sadly is not always the case, but pleasantly surprised to see it was. Games are incredibly quick to set up, with chances to level up and experience new abilities already within the base game. On top of that, individual challenges have already been released, where you can attempt to conquer the leader boards by topping the kill chart or completing mazes.

The game is two months in and with already so much potential, I cannot wait to level up even further and explore the abilities which you can unlock. As time goes on, it would be nice to see more single player maps, as the game at the moment is very much based on a multiplayer atmosphere. Saying this, the single player maps currently active are incredibly fun to play. See you in game!

Video & Photo Credit: AegisM

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