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12th September is National Video Games Day

Without further ado, I firstly would like to wish all video gamers out there, whether you are a first person shooter or a fully immersed MMORPG gamer, a very happy National Video Games Day.

Since 1997, America and now other countries including the UK, have come together annually on the 12th September for a day of celebrating the history of video games and indulging in some good quality game time.

A whole day dedicated to the art of video gaming – sounds too good to be true right? In actual fact, not only is there a National Video Games Day in September, but there is also another Video Games Day held on the 8th July, meaning that gamers can share their passion for video games twice a year. First mentioned in Chase’s Calendar of Events, and was originally sponsored by David Earle, up until the year 1997, where the date switched and became unsponsored.

Despite the fact that the history behind the switched dates is still unknown, or even where David Earle went, the holiday is still observed by gamers worldwide on both dates. Not only is it a day full of pure gaming joy, but businesses also use the two days as a prime time for sales. Xbox and GAME (even though it is based in the UK) are all currently holding sales so you can increase your gaming library – not that we ever need an excuse!

So a big thank you to David Earle for creating such an awesome day for all us video gamers out there. We raise our virtual in-game glasses to you!

Photo Credit: Olichel

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